Howl do you deal with a cheating man?
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Beat his a* bet he won’t do it again

@Tai if I do that I’d look at him like a lil bitch afterwards 😂😂

Yeah I felt that 😩😭 it was just first instinct, my baddd 🤭😭

You don't deal with him at all, just leave. I've made the mistake of staying and he just did it again, and again, and again. Just leave.

Leave his dog a**


Leave. For me the trust had been broken and even though he swore he’d never do it again (I don’t think he did) I could never forgive him and rebuild that trust. I broke it off after a couple months after.

If you can't leave. Show him what you actually do for him...stop doin EVERYTHING!! no cooking, no attention, no talking, no laundry...if he asks wtf...then say. That's what im getting and apparently it's going to someone else. They can have you. I'm just waiting for you to leave so a REAL man can come in! 😜 And say peace out!! ✌️

Tar and feathering. LOL

@Tai some men do hit back

Give him enough rope to hang himself then expose him

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