Self-pleasure while pregnant?

I feel weird using the vibrator as it’s so close to the baby… feel that may be too intense . My sensitivities have changed … what used to work for me doesn’t anymore. Relatable? Tips? Thoughts?
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Fingers are fine I would say don’t lay all the way back on your back that’s not safe have your back elevated a little and also I mean, there’s nothing left to say you can’t use a vibrator but if you don’t feel comfortable using a vibrator, then I would prefer you just use your finger but nothings wrong with masturbating while pregnant is totally safe

Detachable shower head with multiple settings 😏😉 thank me later

Omg I had the exact same thoughts and Googled every possible site about this I think. Everywhere it says it’s fine to use a vibrator but I was still not trusting and used a shower head instead! It was great although I think at around 7 month, I couldn’t keep up with the shower head and went back to the vibrator 😂

Have you tried using the vibrator without the vibrate mode on? Because for me the vibrate mode worries me too much? Do I refuse to use it lol x

It’s not going to hurt the babes, if it makes you feel any better there are bassinets and rocking loungers that have vibrating motors to help lull baby to sleep lol

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