Dressing for bed

I love my husband, he's a great dad. But last night it was really hot and sweaty. He dressed him in a vest, pj top WOOLY leggings and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag!!!! Am I over exaggerating being absolutely furious about this? I use the the phrase 'cold babies cry, hot babies die' to him and he thought I was being ridiculous. Bubs has a heart and airway condition too so is more vulnerable. This is just another reason I feel he can't be trusted to look after him over night on his own 🤬
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Did he sleep in this or did you stop it before he put him to bed? X

I didn't know he had done it as he did bed time, got up in the night to see to him and noticed :(

There are things we don’t think about, there’s been many things I’ve done where my husband has pointed out a possible issue/danger. This is our first baby so we’re learning. If this were me, you’ve said something now so I’d be more annoyed if he didn’t take it on board and say it again.

Hey.. yeah that's to much.. I get people make mistakes maybe adress this again with him but also take all the hot colder weather kinda clothes away and just leave cooler pjs around as then when he does do bed time you will be fine with whatever he puts on baby because you know all the hot thick clothings has been removed.. maybe try this 🤗 x

Yup, it's just annoying because I shouldn't have to parent him as well as the kids! At 18 months I should be able to trust him to not boil my baby

Get the clothes out for him when he puts the baby to sleep, that's what I'm doing because mine has no clue where the clothes are, apparently 🙄 even if since birth everything is in the same place, he fails to find them 🙄🙄🙄 so, if I'm not home I get everything ready and I put them on the changing table and I show him where they are 🙄 men being men, nothing else...

Yeah we shouldn't have to do that though. He needs to do better and I won't settle for anything less. He went to work in a right mood today cos I told him off, hopefully he apologized when he gets home

I'm with you mel! Id be raging. And no way, clothes shouldn't have to be left out. He should have to put as much thought into it as you do. Hopefully he has time to think about it and sees why youre so annoyed.

I do the same as @Otilia as tbh I’m fed up of repeating myself and sending the sleeping suit guidelines 🙄

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