Anterior placenta

Hey, I’m 20+4 with my first baby and I have an anterior placenta and over the past few days I think I’ve felt the baby kick it’s happened a couple of times and lastnight I got my husband to press on my belly and he felt a kick! Now I’m worried it’s not actually that and I’ve just convinced myself it’s kicking?! Can anyone else feel movement that strong this early on?
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This is my second baby… my first one I didn’t have anterior but this one I do… I feel the odd kick here and there and then don’t feel anything for a while then randomly feel something again… unless she turns around completely… it just feels like bubbles moving in my belly at the moment… I’m 20 weeks today… but they say 22-24 weeks you will feel abit more… because of the placenta being at the front I can assure you it really does cushion the kicks! My first baby I felt from 17 weeks and all the time this one she has to be in the right place to feel her ! Xx

I have an anterior high placenta and we started to see and feel movement by week 22 :) its better than watching telly 🤣 enjoy x

I am 20+5 and feel bubbles and small kicks but cannot feel them at all by hand x

Hey, this is my first pregnancy and I have a anterior placenta too. I felt my first movements at around 17 weeks, and now at 20+4, I feel him moving a lot and can see and feel his kicks from the outside too. I felt the same at first, unsure whether it was him or whether I was overthinking it, especially as I wasn’t expecting to feel him yet with the placenta position. as times gone on I know it was definitely him! I would say, you know your body and if you think it’s the baby, it is! 🤗x

I have a low anterior placenta and I'm now 21+4 I started feeling kicks at 19 weeks. To me they feel like I am being flicked from the inside 😅 only way I can describe it, my partner got to feel our for the first time the other night and even he shed a few years 🥰 Just listen to your body, if you and your partner feel like thats kicks, then it most likely is 💕 xx

I'm 21+3 and I felt the baby kicking at the start of this week. My partner felt him too a couple of days ago now we consistently feel him 🥰

Thanks so much all of you 🤍🤍

21+3 with an anterior placenta and I started feeling kicks from the outside over the last couple of days.

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