Feeling movement

Did anyone feel anything really early? I’m 14 plus 3 days but last night I had ligament pains all day and then when I bed I could feel almost like a popping inside and when I put my hand on my tummy! This is my first so I don’t know what I’m looking for maybe it was just gas 😂😂
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I’m 15+3 and started feeling movement the last few days, it feels like butterflies in your tummy ahaha x

I felt bubbles at 13 weeks 🙂

I did at 14 weeks, and It felt like poking.

Yes it’s really low almost near the side of my groin! Xx

I'm 14+3 aswell and have been feeling very small movement here and there for 2 weeks now! Should still be pretty low down just above your pubic bone. If you think it is go with it 😁 I was around 14/15 when I felt my first, 13 when I felt my second and 12 with this! X

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