Hemorrhoids after birth

Any advice on how to deal with them ? They hurt sooooo bad. I got the tucks pads but I just need more remedies to get rid of them faster my booty hurts 😭😖
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Tucks and just taking it day by day 😭😭 I had them sooo bad with my first and am sooo dreading it this time around! I feel your pain!

@Shynel what cream ?

@Alyssa there horrible I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone

@Ashantay literally. Wish it on no one 😭

@Shynel ok thanks for the advice!

The hospital may have given you the hydrocortisone 2.5%. That helps with healing the hemorrhoids.

Try using stool softener. I was on miralax (and then doubled the dose) for the first week postpartum which helped with not pushing so much and letting it just kind of flow.

Prep H with lidocaine has been a lifesaver for me!! I’ve had pretty bad thrombosed hemorrhoids since I was about 10 weeks

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