My baby is 5 months, when does teething begin to start ?
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My son's teeth haven't come through yet, but he is showing all the signs of teething and he just turned 5 months. However someone was talking to me and they said their kids teeth didn't come in until like 8 months, so I wouldn't worry if they aren't here yet.

What are the signs of teething?

You can Google the general signs, but my son started chewing his fingers and drooling so much. Also feel around his gums and see if you can feel anything bumpy.

My baby started teething at 3 months and his bottom teeth cut thru right when he turned 4 months🥺 my first didn’t have teeth until 11 months so this was new to me lol

My daughter is almost 6 months and she hasn't cut any teeth, but she's showing all the signs of teething. And I know my oldest, when she was 4 months, she started showing signs of teething as well, but didn't cut her first tooth till 6-7 months

https://www.babycenter.ca/a1050142/your-childs-teething-timeline It could help you

My baby started teething at four months! He popped his first tooth right at five months.

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