My baby has literally woken up every hour last night and I can’t figure out why. I’ve had no more than 40 mins sleep. He was fed, changed, winded. I don’t think he’s teething? He wasn’t crying when he woke up. Am I missing something?! 🙃🙃 feel like a shit mum and I’m so bloody tired
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My little boy was exactly the same last night and all day yesterday. No idea why. However he seems like he’s got a cough and a snotty nose unsure wether he’s got a little bit of hayfever or a cold. Tried calpol and doesn’t seem to have done anything so I’m absolutely shattered too, could it be delayed sleep regression?x

Mine does this most nights and is also hysterically crying with it, no idea what's going on except maybe sleep regression

Mine seems a bit restless lately and I'm not sure if it's because we don't face blackout curtains in the bedroom yet, sleep regression or even too warm. I've been putting it down to a combination of all of the above. No signs of teething beside excessive drooling and always having his fingers in his mouth

Maybe cold or not feeling cozy???? Took ages to get my baby to sleep last night eventually I wrapped my fluffy dressing gown round her and she went to sleep x

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