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Hi All I m mother of a cute daughter who's is 4yr old. So d problem is I love my husband nd he loves me too bt our sexual life is not good and the reason is his part is small and we use to finish with his fingers every time..I tried many times to speak abt this but he is not interested( may b he is aware abt d issue) I dnt know but whenever I tried he avoids..I m a housewife depending on him for everything..Now I m bored and irritated with dis type of sexual life coz he doesn't want to try anything plz advise wt is best for me ( cnt leave him coz i love him and there is no source of income) Dnt want to cheat coz I m not very smart in hiding things.. Plz help me
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Am sorry to be so straightforward, but does he gives you orgasms? I suggest you get yourself a vibrator, like a bullet for the clitoris. It's a small little toy (easy to hide). At least some of your frustrations will disappear

orgasms sometimes with his hand or tongue

You can also tell him you d like that and that you want him to use it on you

See what toys you can use together which can make you orgasm, there are also sleeves that men can put on their penises to create a bigger length and provide more pleasure for their partner.

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