Loss of bladder control

Gave birth via forceps last few weeks and still having issues with my bladder is this common?
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You need to do you pelvic floor exercises. It’s very common even without forceps to have bladder issues for a while after giving birth. My eldest was 4 when I got pregnant with my second, but before I got pregnant I’d still lose a little bit of wee if I sneezed or coughed 4 years after having him. I was terrible with doing my pelvic floor exercises though!

I cant even control it on the toilet to try practicing so traumatised

Do the exercises when you’re not peeing! When you’re feeding is the best time to do them as you sitting focused on feeding. Do 10 “long holds” 10 seconds holding then 10 seconds relaxed. follow those with 10 short 1 second bursts

I had the same! I did the exercises when I was pregnant and could do them really well but after a forceps delivery my pelvic floor was shot. I couldn't feel when I needed to pee for 2 weeks afterwards. The midwife recommended going to the toilet every hour to avoid accidents but I went less frequently and was still ok. I'm still not 100% at 6 weeks but it has improved a lot. As soon as you can feel your muscles again the exercises will get easier xx

Thanks for the pep talk I'm a complete mess lol.

I’m 5 months pp- also had forceps delivery . I’ve had 4 leak accidents so far😣just started doing pelvic exercises and seeing a pelvic physio- I was told its a long way bur I’ll have success. Start doing pelvic exercises babe once you’re cleared

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