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I know there’s a lot of guidance out there with regards to co sleeping. However recently my little boy will only fall asleep by lying in my arms (side lying in bed). When I try and roll him over on to his back or move my arm he wakes up. He’s such a light sleeper 😩 I’ve had many weeks of sleep deprivation trying to get him to sleep in his crib but he just won’t and we both end up grouchy. For those mummas cosleeping how do you get your baby to sleep on their back on the bed as per the guidance? Do you transfer whilst their awake/asleep/during feed? I am so scared of falling asleep with him in my arms due to SIDS but he just won’t sleep any other way and I’m exhausted. 😢
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I’m breastfeeding so I start feeding him while I’m sat up and then when he falls asleep I move so we’re laying down still feeding them remove my arm but keep him propped up sideways, then slowly lower him til he’s on the bed

I feed him in the co-sleeping position and turn him to his back while he's still suckling on the boob but not swallowing milk. I've also had some luck taking his bedside cot mattress out and lying on that myself. I then put him on it while co sleeping (not sure if that's recommended). He will now sleep in his bedside cot for a couple of hours at the start of the night x

I had the same but I was worried about it as my husband is a heavy sleeper and sometimes rolls all over the bed. The first month I felt asleep during night feeds and I decided to just lay down with him to avoid accidents. As I said, I wanted him in the bedside cot...but he kept waking up every time I wanted to put him in it. I finally found out the issue: the bedside cot is much colder than the bed. I have layed down a thick blanket (fleece) on the bottom and tucked it in the mattress and I put another one on top of him. He finally got used to it. I know you asked only about the sleeping position, but I thought it might help to know I did it as you deserve to be able to rest too! I got him used to noise too to avoid him waking up every time we cough or get a glass of water. Hope it helped x

I sleep in the C position with baby in my arms follow just_another_boy_mum on insta x

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