Is it normal to have high BP after deliver the baby?

Hi moms! I just want to ask if you do experience the same thing? I have no pre eclampsia during pregnancy but after delivering my baby my BP peaks 140/88, 155/90 sometimes in a range like that. But I have no symptoms of pre eclampsia. Is this normal? I heard our bp will return to normal in 6 weeks but idk this must be postpartum pre e? Anyone?
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Yes the same thing happened to me! They monitored me for so long, but no pre eclampsia just the high BP. I’m 13 weeks postpartum and it’s gone down significantly, but I do still get days of the same spikes you’re talking about.

What is your bp’s when high mom? Same, I dont feel headache and other symptoms related to pre-e. They said it must go down on its own

I had really high bp during labor and postpartum it went down after a few weeks

Hello @Jerelly it’s frustrating :( do you have other symptoms? How high do u always peak?

@Christine my heart rate was also extremely high and i would get fevers i had to be hospitalized but thats bc i also developed 2 infections at the same time but after i was treated everything went back to normal

Pre-eclampsia isn’t just high blood pressure. There is a load of other signifiers. Are you measuring this yourself? If you have concerns speak to triage.

@Jemma Yes I did already.. they said i might be lack of sleep and still recovering. Idk what is alarming bp for them but for myself just high bp no headaches and all other symptoms. If this is not pre eclampsia then howd you call this hypertension? I am really hoping it resolves on its own since my ob said I dont have to take medication at this time but let it resolve on its own :(

Your readings are not alarming. They are more a let’s keep an eye out. Yes hypertension is just the medical name for high blood pressure. Your BP can raise if you are stressed ect. You are nowhere near the level you would require blood pressure medication either x

@Chandelle what is your spikes my dear? How high you get before?

@Jerelly what infection? That triggers your hb?

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