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Any recommendations for private scan places in Stockport?
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Had my private one done at Window to the womb and they were fantastic! Really recommend them x

I’ve used window to womb in Stockport and ultrasound direct in Alderley edge and I preferred ultrasound direct it wasn’t as flashy inside but just had a nicer experience

I’ve been to Window to the Womb twice, once for an early scan and then a gender one, and both times was absolutely brilliant and reasonably priced too. Thinking of having a 4D one but I’m having growth scans and don’t want to overscan and saw a notice there about frequency. I asked at stepping hill at my last growth scan and she wasn’t a fan of private places generally as lots aren’t actually qualified apparently but when I told her it was that one she said it’s the best and one of the only ones she would support using.

Hey baby in Stalybridge is only 20 minutes from us in stockport

Thanks everyone! I'm apprehensive due to previous miscarriages, have heard negative things about private not being properly trained etc. But also not sure I want to turn up to my NHS dating scan 4 weeks after my last reassurance scan 😱

There is one in Romiley. I thought the pricing is really good compared to window to womb. I've done both x

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