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Hello ladies, I been struggling buying different pumps trying to find the right one for me. My breast are in the bigger size and tend to sag, if you guys have any recommendations please lmk it can be manual or hands free I’m open to either or!! So far, i been getting milk with my haaka but it doesn’t give me enough to save in case of emergencies just enough to go grocery shopping/ quick errands.
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I’m on team saggy boob and have the momcozy S9 and I’ve got on with it really well - I exclusively pump and had no issues

I used motif from my insurance at the beginning 5 week plus I was comfortable but the only draw back is that I can't go anywhere . From Amazon I ordered momcozy First two times I was not comfortable but later it was a great time saver and I can drive and do other stuff the best thing u will get more milk compare to other pump ( my experience) . It's $99 for two pump ( now it's shows $119 but $24 off Link :- Momcozy S9 Pro Hands Free Breast...

I use the baby Bella hands free. I tried other Medela pumps but they just didn’t empty me like the hands free. It’s on sale on Amazon right now for 65 but it’s usually around $100 for two pumps!

I just got the lansinoh manual pump which is very affordable and works wonders for me!

I use spectra s1 and like it. But I also have a wearable pump like momcozy s9 and I feel like it pulls more milk. I have soft breast tissue and somewhat saggy boobs

Spectra s1 is rated to be one of the best and it's what I use as someone with bigger boobs

I like my spectra S2 and zomee (forgot model #), but the touch screen on zomee is frustrating. I also find the clip on hands free pumping bras helpful (it's an extra bra you put on while pumping and clip to a nursing bra). I bought an off branded hands free pump set on Amazon for $70 and I hate it I can't get a good seal and end up with hardly anything collected... Just purchased the Lansinoh manual pump as well for less encumbering pumping one breast at a time

Breast Pump, Wearable Breast Pump, Hands Free Breast Pump, 2 Mode & 9 Levels, 24mm Flange, 2 Pack I have larger breasts as well and I love this one so much I use it as my main pump and because it’s on sale I got a 2nd one to ensure I always have is on hand and ready to go.

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