Baby not feeding enough!

We are transitioning to bottle feeding from breast, baby takes the bottle and has done since 2 weeks old, however, she's not taking enough! She should be getting approx 36oz per day and she's only taking 16!!!!!!! What on earth can I do cause I'm going crazy with worry!
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Have you tried going up a teat size? Try offering little and often instead of all in one bottle - she might be getting enough with the 16oz and doesn’t actually need any more.

I would definitely agree with @Emma. If you think about how she fed when you breastfed, it was likely less amounts at more regular intervals. Try to mimic this as much as possible, so she gets as much as possible!

@Emma yeah we have the size up and it is taking about an hour to get a bottle in her so she is taking little and often. I just don't feel like she's getting enough. She fusses for the bottle, as soon as its in she plays with it and turns away but then cries for it once you take it away 😔

I think there’s a few bottle feeding support groups on Facebook that may be able to help! X

It might be because with breastmilk she only needs approx 4-5oz per feed as it's so nutrient dense, but with formula she needs more to get the same nutrients, but her stomach hasn't adjusted yet to take that much extra volume

@Helen we are mixing the both, she has expressed milk and also formula but either one she's not taking much of. I don't want her to dehydrate or become sick 😔

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