Felling very guilty and anxious with everything I do

I’m 19 weeks and I keep doing things that I regret and it’s all because I keep googling (and I’m just going through an anxious time for no reason). The other day I did a little bit of gardening and now I can’t stop thinking about the risk of toxoplasmosis. Then I had a BLT sandwich from Morrisons and again, can’t stop thinking if it was under cooked (I’m not even a meat eater so not sure what I was thinking!). I know the answer is to stop googling things but it’s too late now, I know too much! Please tell me other people have done things like this and the risk is low?
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You can eat cooked meat! It's safe as long as its cooked through, they're talking about the smoked meats etc. It's all about the risk of food poisoning which would be extremely low with a BLT sandwich. Gardening is also okay :) just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after, and try not to touch your face or mouth during (unlikely you'd do this anyway with dirt covered fingers!

If you're finding it a real struggle with anxiety at the moment, contact your midwife who can refer you for support. Our hormones can really affect us in pregnancy, and there's a lot of support available to get us through. I'm currently under the perinatal mental health team myself for anxiety and depression that's got out of control thanks to pregnancy. It's been a big help x

Thank you for this! I really crave reassurance so this is what I need. I’m hoping as the days past I will thinking I’m worrying over nothing! I made contact this week and have an appointment on Wednesday. Not sure what to expect, but I’m glad you have found it beneficial! I agree, I’ve had a real flare up of obsessive behaviours/anxiety! Do you speak with them regularly or just when you need them? X

We have regular appointments. Honestly the first one was hard as they asked so many questions which were upsetting simply because it brought up my anxiety so much thinking about them, but it felt like it has lanced out some of the stress... Almost like I now have permission to feel rubbish at times lol. I think it'll help you to talk things through :)

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