Recommendations for lightweight swaddles for summer

Hi my baby seems so warm in the swaddle me swaddle. He has a onesie on underneath. We keep the air pretty low too. I will try swaddling in just a diaper but does anyone have any recommendations for a lightweight breathable swaddle? Thanks
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Halo cotton swaddle.

We live in Phoenix and love The Ollie swaddle!

Learn how to swaddle with a muslin blanket!! My baby sleeps so comfy now with it 🥹💜 I used the Halo swaddles as recommended above but she still got pretty warm in it and seems to prefer the blanket instead

We’ve been using the Swaddle Up sleep sack. My baby has to sleep with her hands up over her head and those one is still snuff but not has constricting as a regular swaddle. It’s light weight so she stays snuggly but not getting to hot.

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