Sleeping position after c-section

Had elective c-section on 15/05, what position everyone is sleeping? I have been laying on my back with extra pillows to support my back but now I have very bad back and neck pain, can I sleep sideways?
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I slept on my side with my pregnancy pillow between my legs. Literally the only comfy position.

they said in the hospital on the second day I can sleep on side.

Trying laying on ur side with a pillow between ur legs. I had a c section too and sleeping on my back was so uncomfortable but I was very sore

I slept on my belly on my side on my back pretty much every position straight away aslong as it don't cause you pain you can sleep how you want :)

You can sleep However you want as long as it doesn't cause you pain. I'm a belly sleeper and two weeks pp I started sleeping flat on my front and was fine

Yes of course if that's how your comfy xxx

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