Unprotected sex (kind of)

Me and my husband were enjoying some time together. I am 10 weeks PP! He came before, cleaned up self up and then I got over excited and let him go inside me (he didn’t cum again) but I’m paranoid I can get pregnant from it?! So he didn’t come inside me and had cleaned himself up before entering! But I am paranoid! Am I other thinking it?
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Unlikely where are you on your cycle?

@Roxy I still haven’t had a period yet! My signs or symptoms it’s returning yet either as i usually get cramping or tightness etc

I didn’t get cramps my first period… but I guess it’s harder to tell if you haven’t had a period yet. It is easier to get pregnant PP. I guess there is always a chance

@Roxy I went and got the morning after pill in the end as was too nervous! I guess better to be safe than sorry!

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