Cows milk

What do I need to know about switching, when, how? Best resources? My heath visitor was unhelpful. My LO Has been having cows milk in her weetabix/porridge/pancakes etc for months now. On 4 bottles a day, around 20 ounces formula but can vary wildly.
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With our eldest when he finished the last bit of formula around his 1st birthday we just switched him straight over. He had been having cows milk in his cereal etc He took to the change fine and no issues. Some people do a slower change, 1 bottle is cows milk, rest formula or I’ve seen some do half and half bottles. When he was 1 he went to milk in the morning and then before bed..

I had our health visitor out yesterday for my sons 9-12 month review. She didn’t say whether to introduce slowly beforehand (which we’ve done anyway for weetabix and porridge etc) or whether to just start giving him it instead of formula for each feed. She said to wait until he’s one which is only the beginning of July so it’s not that far off. She said it’s advised that you wait until they’re 1 as cows milk doesn’t have all of the vitamins they need in it and once cows milk is introduced then you need to add 2 drops of vitamin D drops into each bottle x

@Terri was he only on 2 bottles at that time? Or did you immediately drop the other bottles?

@Molly I just use wellbaby twice a day which I hope covers it

It was a while ago.. he’s almost 8 so I can’t remember! Possibly he was only on 2 at that point. Little one is now only on 3 bottles.. last 1 to drop will be 10am and I will probably drop that soon, he does have it but had a few days where he hasn’t had it and he’s been fine

@Terri such a late reply lol, how do you know when to drop it? We’re on 5 bottles

For little one with the lunch bottle he wasn’t drinking much like 1oz or 2.. so it was a waste so I cut that out and he now just has lunch.. the afternoon bottle again same thing with trying to fit in dinner! He has never become fussy because he’s hungry or missing the bottles.. even the mid morning one he is still having some days he doesn’t and he is fine.. I would start with the nearest bottle to lunch and go from there

@Terri thank you! Super helpful

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