Water babies or standard swimming lessons

Anyone who has done them before is it just the price tag that is different or do water babies offer more?
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Don’t do it lol i went to 1 and it wasn’t anything special for the price, I was led to believe everyone was just starting but only I was so everyone else already knew each other and I went in blind and felt rare and I felt it was quite embarrassing having to do things infront of others like dipping baby etc. it really is a money maker, watch videos and take then to your local swimming pool x

@Jennifer thank you for the heads up I think I may just join a local it’s not much more a month than a week at WB

Our local leisure centre does baby and parent swim sessions! Might be worth having a look. The pool isn't cold either x

I do water baby lessons and I personally think they’re great! And it’s in a private pool which is really warm. I wouldn’t want to take my baby to a cold leisure centre pool

@Roxy yeah, for the price for a 30 minute session it’s not worth it in my opinion. Plus if you go somewhere they has a dedicated baby/child pool, it has to be heated to 36 degrees x

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