Harvesting colostrum

36 weeks tomorrow. When can I start harvesting colostrum? Just yesterday I randomly squeezed my breast out of curiosity to see if anything would come out lol…and to my utter surprise, a whole bunch of colostrum leaked! Figured I might as well harvest it if I can
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My midwife told me from 36 weeks is when she would recommend starting :)

My midwife also said 36 weeks 👍

My midwife told me 37 weeks, so I would ask your for advice xx

I started at 36 weeks, did the midwife give you the syringes? X

I was advised 37 weeks onwards 🤍

My midwife at my appointment yesterday told me I could as of yesterday I was 35 weeks and 5 days. I’ve managed to get 2 1ml syringes today

@Natalie well done, keep going! By day 4 I was filling a syringe and now I can get a syringe from each! X

@Chloe did you do it once a day or more than that?

@Natalie just once a day after a shower or in the bath x

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