Help to maintain curls

Can anyone help me or recommend me something to maintain my son curls.
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Organic Coconut oil then use some aunt jackies curling cream it’s the blue one best to wet the hair first and comb the product through

Okay I will do more research on those products. Thanks ladies

@Georgia just put Shea and coconut oil to wet hair

Yaaaasssssss!!!! Go to target ! Get Carol's daughter coil enhancement moisture butter. It's amazing !! I use it in my boys hair !

Cantu leave in avocado conditioner and curling cream for kids. It has none of the chemical nasties in it

Could try Mixed Chicks, it's specifically for people with mixed race backgrounds, they have a children's line and adults, I've recently switched to this and so far I'm really liking it.

I wash my toddlers hair roughly about every 10 days if you wash to much will dry it out, I spray with water every day and everyother day put leave in conditioner, id not put oils in as that's a sealant so can block the hair folicals. I'd wait till he has lot more hair before adding products tbh

What are you currently doing? Because I found washing my daughters hair less helped and then applying oil and a hair moisturiser or butter when it started to feel dry really helped x

He doesnt have enough hair to worry about product atm. Just wash is all it needs right now. Less is more with babies

Could try this?

You could try Only Curls London 🥰

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