Is this okay and normal?

So when me and my baby dad were together, when I was pregnant I was very exhausted as I worked late shifts (by the end of my pregnancy) i used to wake up to him doing sexual stuff to me so I’d just go along with it and whenever I didn’t want to do anything he’d get pissed off and wouldn’t speak to me for the rest of the night or be off with me even the next morning Is this normal and okay or am I overthinking it?
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No way thats wrong. If i saw somebody doing that to me then i would report

if this behaviour is not something you’ve consented to (some people don’t mind people doing sexual stuff when they’re asleep & being woken up by it, i personally do mind) then it is not normal nor okay. i think for a lot of people this is not *normal* in the slightest or okay at all. some people would consider this sexual assault as he is doing it without your consent. also when your pregnant. when your tired from work? yeah it’s a no from me. also for him to get annoyed at you? is he 5??? personally this is a big red flag 🚩. clearly you don’t think it’s normal or okay hence why your asking. imo it’s clearly still bothering you. think of ways you can go about this.. talk to a close family member or friend, go to therapy, tell him how what he done made you feel, etc. i hope your okay.

By the sounds of it if it still playing on your mind you wasn’t comfortable with this if you are still with him I would talk to him about how it made u feel so that he knows not to do it in the future but if not try talking to someone in your family about it!

I wouldn’t say that’s normal , he was touching you without your consent. x

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