Premature with Colic

My baby was born at 33 weeks he’s now 17 weeks old. Although his crying spell at the same time every night has now stopped he’s still so upset during the day. We’re on neocate for a suspected CMPA. Could this still be a case of colic? Do I expect because of him being early il have to wait until his corrected 4months to see a change?
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My little one was born 33 weeks too and had bad colic. Doctor suspected cmpa, but that wasn't the case. One doctor put me on a diet where I couldn't eat any garlic, onion, beans, cruciferous vegetables, spicy food, etc. And that actually did help. My son is a week away from 10 months and is doing better and I'm back to a regular diet. Feel free to message me if you want to discuss more!

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