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Hello mamas! I am a 23 year old first time mom and only 3 weeks postpartum. I am really struggling, and I feel super lonely during this journey. I feel like a bad mom because I cannot do as much as I would like to for my newborn son. I have osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones), and I am currently unable to walk; therefore, I am relying on a walker and wheelchair for mobility. I have hurt knees because of a torn muscle at the ankle and stress fracture at the ankle as well. Is anyone able to offer some words of advice or encouragement on how to be a good mom while physically recovering? Any tricks to get around and provide more for baby? Any good products for us? Etc. Anything is much appreciated!
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I have RA and had HG while pregnant and was on bedrest for 7 months so by the time my daughter got here I was so weak. I relied heavily on family for the first few months and still do quite a bit. You are only 3 weeks on. You will heal and find your footing. Your child loves you and will grow to understand your limits. Your disability has nothing to do with what kind on mom you are or will be. Give yourself some time without judgement. You will find your way through this! Think about all the things you had to figure out before mothering. Each new mom task will be no different and you will find solutions as you need them.

A soft carrier was the best thing for me until my daughter got too heavy. I have a joint disorder so I’m not sure for you but definitely sitting in the wheelchair with them tucked into your chest with a wrap or carrier frees up your hands.

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