All day cramping and a little blood?

I just want to know if any of you have experienced anything similar. I will be calling a nurse line shortly. Ever since getting up this morning I have been having pretty bad pelvic/back pain. It was fairly constant but comes in more intense waves as well. I tried walking, bouncing on an exercise ball, changing sitting positions, laying down. I've had a lot of water and took tylenol but nothing really helped. I thought I might just be constipated, and a couple hours later did end up going to the bathroom. But that almost made things worse. I decided to lay down to see if that would help and after a couple hours of no relief just got up. I go to the restroom and see streaks of blood in my panty liner. I'm not 34+5 so a little nervous about what's happening. I have no idea how to tell the difference between contractions...round ligament pain, constipation pain, etc. 😭 I'm scared!
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I would go get checked

Definitely call now and see if they want to see you.

I would just head in to L&D

I would go in

Definitely go in and get checked to be sure

Went in and was 6cm dilated! Got to 10cm within 20 time for epidural but he came quick we are both doing great!!

Yay!!!! Congratulations mama 💛💛💛

You were 34 weeks? I’ve been having some period like cramps so im getting on edge this may happen soon for me

@Marissa Yep! The difference for me was the usual things that helped the cramps (bouncing on exercise ball, walking, rocking) didn't help at all. They were irregular but got more intense throughout the day. And I noticed I wasn't really hungry the way I had been. Just listen to your body, call a nurse if you feel nervous. Track your symptoms as best as you can 🧡

Thank you mama!!! My last pregnancy my contractions were so irregular and they kept sending me home so this time I’m definitely sticking to listening to my body

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