Have any of you received a dye stealing test yet?

Just curious if you guys have taken a test where the pregnancy line is stronger than the control line? This test was taken at four weeks and five days, just wondering if this is any indication of potential twins or if this is what hCG levels typically look like by this point?
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@Emma aww congrats!! Were you able to hear or see the heartbeat yet?

Pretty normal xx

Mine was a dye stealer at 5w! I got super excited since people on here said it meant your HCG was really high. Sure enough, my HCG was like 5600.. my prior tests (which ended up being miscarriages) had weak lines with my highest HCG being only 28 (goes to show how sensitive these tests are!). So yeah, it's a good sign when you get a dye stealer!! Congrats!!

Yep!! Mine was at 5w and helped me feel a little bit more at ease

Mine was this strong and I only have one baby but baby is big and strong!

@Krystal same mine was exactly like this and both times I miscarried and 1 was a late miscarriage at 14 weeks xx sorry for your loss xx

I just got one at only 13DPO 😮‍💨

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