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Hi everyone! I’m hoping to get some advise, my little girl is 3 in November but is still in nappies, she’s not showing any interest in potty training or anything. We try and encourage her with her big girl potty and brought her peppa pig knickers. But still no interest. What am I doing wrong or is it still early? My first born was out of nappies just before he turned two, so feel we’re doing something wrong this time round🙈 Thanks 🙏🏻
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@Ceri-Ann I can confirm this! My eldest was just about to turn 3 when I got impatient about his potty training. So I just started with him and it took a good 9-10 months to have no more regular accidents. Some kids are ready earlier and other later. It’s worth the wait in my opinion, it’s a lot of struggle otherwise!

We’re the same age. She’s just not there yet and that’s fine. It’s normal for some to train closer and even after 3. I’ve seen friends push kids before they’re ready and it’s just resulted in a year of persistent accidents

We’ve spoken to the nursery and they said some are in nappies at preschool still, I don’t want this to be us though ☹️ We were doing really well with potty training (stickers and making a big fuss when she went was working) but now the novelty has worn off and even mentioning the potty makes her scream, have we missed the boat 🙈

Don’t worry too much. My boy is 3 in September and has only just in the last few days started. He asked me to use the potty when he needed a wee. Just keep talking to her about it and mentioning the potty every time you change her nappy and eventually she will want to do it! If you try force it too early it could go the other way x

My little one is also three in November and he had absolutely no interest whatsoever he hated the potty and wouldn’t even sit on it but I set myself a date and followed the ‘Oh crap potty training’ method. Personally for us it worked really well. I thought he’d give a lot of push back as he’s very advanced speech wise but he honestly did amazing and really surprised us. I’d just commit to it and hopefully she’ll soon pick it up. xx

So my advice to u is that every time u have to use the bathroom take ur daughter with u n have her sit on her potty while u use the bathroom n eventually she will catch on

My daughter is 4 but she potty trained herself a week b4 she was 1, she always followed me to the bathroom n one day she said mommy me too so I lift her up n held her on the big potty n she went potty n she so excited so I let her run around with undies n she had 1 accident but ever since than she has been doing really good

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