Cps... what to expect?

So my daughter told me a few days ago that her father molested her... so now cps is involved... what should I expect? I've heard horrible stories and scared they may take her from me over something stupid like my house being a bit messy. We have a forensic interview scheduled and I'm waiting to hear if I need to take her to the doc as her dad has an std from his girlfriend. This is my worst nightmare come true and I'm honestly just overwhelmed with possible outcomes.
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I would take her to the doctor regardless to be sure that she's okay. It also wouldn't hurt to take her to show CPS that you're acting responsibly and within her best interest. I would also file a restrainer order and for emergency full custody. Take all steps preventative or necessary to protect your daughter and you will be able to show CPS that you are serious about protecting your daughter and that she is safe in your care


im so sorry you and your daughter are going through this. that is absolutely terrifying. definitely file for emergency full custody and just do everything that cps tells you to do. i hope everything gets better.

Omg I can't even imagine! I'm so sorry you're experiencing this! I agree with everything @Dee said. Also I'd ask if they (CPS) know of a good therapist they can recommend, for BOTH of you. I'd probably widen that search by asking your daughter's doctor for recommendations.

First of all I’m sorry I’m so sorry this is every fear and parent nightmare. If your daughter lives with you and the father is out of the home you are fine. However if you guys all live together it would be an issue. She will need to get tested and given a kit known as a R-kit. Then taken from there, with everything proceeding your next step is to go filed for emergency custody FULL than go to court and proceed with wanting full custody with no visitation rights. I hope this helps and I will be praying for you and your daughter. Strength. God. That all that’s it.

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