Cramps after positive test

So I took 4 test all said positive and my period is 2 days late but I’m having cramps is that normal
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As everyone’s said totally normal. If they get worse than your regular period pains and aren’t shifting, I’d give your early pregnancy unit a call. Congratulations 🥳 x

Even if cramps are a little stronger, as long as they subside relatively quickly. It’s all normal. Just keep an eye out for any bleeding that goes alone with it or if they come at even intervals

It's normal, it's actually a pregnancy symptom as well.

Yes completely! As long as they aren't super strong and you're not bleeding. I got them randonly my whole pregnancy with my son. It is attributed to your uterus stretching and growing to make room for baby. If they come in like really bad low back pain cramps and spotting/bleeding, that is more likely a miscarriage.

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