Is this normal ?

So my baby is half white half Nigerian. Is it Normal that he just gets darker even with spf 50 on and sat in the shade? Or if he’s in like the sun for 10 mins with spf he goes alot darker, almost ppurple looking then it goes browner. He’s 1 btw
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Your baby is half black of course he gonna be dark.

@Tara thanks we have some books already and I’ve looked into the haircare too. It’s just cause this is the first time he’s been in the sun since being born I was unsure. I’ll check these groups though

Facebook has lots of groups too tho join and start making the effort and full journey of learning about your biracial children and how to eventually help them with stuff like their hair and skin and etc. Even just people there to recommend children books and resources to celebrate them and other ways to continuously help them grow into their multiracial identity.

Ok thanks everyone. Just I’m so pale white so it would take a lot for me to tan even sitting in the sun for ages so was just shocked the baby was going so dark after being covered in spf and in the shade. Makes sense though.

Yeah, we tan quick. I’d use a higher SPF though cuz he’s a baby. People think the lower number means less tan, it just means less protection. I can move my strap and show you a tan in 8 min in a overcast day in the shade!

Yes of course, I go a lot darker from being in the sun 5 mins. Darker skin absorbs it faster

Yes of course, spf doesn’t stop tanning it just protects x

My son only has to sit in the sun for such a little time and he gets tanned. So I would assume it’s normal

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