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Hi! My daughter is 6 months, always had lots of hair. It's very curly, but I'm struggling to know how to care for it now it's getting longer. It gets really dry and at the back gets all matted, even if I comb it. I've tried Johnson's baby hair oil, and it doesn't work... Seems to make it drier??? Maybe I'm just using the wrong oil. I shampoo her hair about once a week. I'm a FTM and I have dead straight hair so I have no idea what I'm doing. Does anyone know of some good products or have a hair routine I can use? Thanks xxx
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My daughter has 3b/c type curls and is 2 year old all I use is aussie moist shampoo and conditioner once a week and spray daily with water might use leave in once during week, you don't need oils she's to little and her hairs more wavey than curly so will be to heavy for it, use your fingers during week when wet to get knots out and brush on wash day when got conditioner in I use tangle teezer brush its amazing but I deffo recommend the aussie moist shampoo set it's been a life changer for us on wash day 😊

She's gorgeous 😍! She's definitely got at least a 3A curl pattern (I creeped to see more pics). No recommendations just wanted to say she's a cutie pie!

Depends on the baby honestly. A bonnet without straps, just the little cap. Most often you’ll be looking for it like a lost sock if she sleeps anything like my baby! Socks are also sleeping hazards, also pillows or bedding and crib liners too. Cameras help if your baby likes to suck/chew cloth but also teethers and pacifiers etc. Here is an example: 3 Pieces Kids Satin Bonnet Sleeping Cap Soft Silk Wide Band Night Hats

@Tara shes 6 months old. A bonnet is a suffocation hazard. She doesnt need one either. Her hair isnt the type to need one

She will have to eventually learn to tell others to not touch her hair either, it’s a boundary that gets crossed constantly when you are mixed and it sucks that someone would think they can just put their hands on your child and pet them like an animal cuz they look different from themselves but trust me, it still happens to me personally and I’m 37 years old. My curls came in at age 2 big time and I suspect the same will happen with my daughter’s because she looks like me as a baby her age. Lol my baby pic is in my photos next to hers. Lots of FB groups to help as well, mine is ‘Beautiful Blends’etc. I love so much that You are reaching out and asking how to care for her hair, you are truly doing such an amazing thing for her because she will learn from you. 🥰

Don’t put a comb her hair unless it is a large tooth tho she doesn’t have enough yet for that. Get her a night time bonnet (silk Inside, they have them for babies on Amazon) and put it on her head when she sleeps and make sure to smell test and wash bonnet when needed. Don’t shampoo more than once a week but do add moisture to it daily (spray bottle with water and a good quality phlalate/sulfate free conditioner mixed together) for hydrating it. Use your fingers as much as possible to detangle it for now. Using fingers allows her natural curl pattern to form undisturbed. If you must use a brush, buy a Denman brush (not a look alike knock off, get the real deal) they’re on Amazon $20. When her hair air dries, don’t touch it a bunch. The more you touch, the bigger it gets and can cause it to knot quicker and lose moisture you put in. Also, textured hair doesn’t oil itself like straight hair so when touched, it will suck up the dirty oils from hands/fingers quickly.

She has loose wavy hair. All she needs is a very light leave in. Probably in a spray from as any cremes will be too heavy and greasy for her. Its drier at the back as this area comes into contact with more. Strollers, car seats, sleeping etc. She doesnt need anything specifically for mixed hair

@Bola thanks so much will have a look! X

We wash once a week and use a spray bottle daily with water, sometimes mixed with conditioner or the curl cream from the Only Curls range 🥰

I wouldn’t brush her hair when it’s dry. We use Only Curls London

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