Baby led weaning💕

We started BLW 3 days ago, babe was showing all the signs of readiness and has taken to it like a duck to water💕 I’ve taken photos of her at each meal time devouring the bits on her plate and I love them😂 Would love some ideas on meals for introducing allergens! We’ve started with wheat this week and she’s had plain pasta twice. I was planning on giving her toast but forgot to check the ingredients and the bread I bought also contains soya so I’m not able to use it until we’ve cleared the soya allergen🙄 Also please feel free to share pics of your babes and their food, I love seeing them💕💕
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Peanut butter on toast. There was a bbc article a few months ago saying we should give peanut butter early as it reduces the chances of getting an allergy to it by up to 77%

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