I'm very, very early, but I'm having really intense cramps especially in my ovaries that I didn't have with my first. Did anyone else have this?
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@Ashleigh still having bad cramps but I went to Dr and she said its too early to really tell anything so to keep an eye on it. I really appreciate you asking 🖤🖤🖤

@Alex how are you feeling today? X

Just keep notes of the pain and how long it lasts if it becomes unbearable or any signs of spotting head to the maternity hospital a@e with urine sample but hopefully they'll deminish like mine did x

@Ashleigh phewww, I'm around 4 weeks (I think) and no bleeding either so good to hear

Yes me for a few days at 4 1/2 weeks no spotting or anything they went away am now close to 19 weeks pregnant. I hope the same for you x🙏

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