Possible Implantation Bleeding?

**LONG READING WARNING, My Apologies guys!** I had this really weird day about 3 days ago where I got stupid nauseous, had the most mild cramps ever in my life, had some bleeding that looked like it might just be my period due to the deep red it was, and ended up having to throw up to stop my nausea… That kind of thing isn’t normal for my period at all since I first had my period at 13, so I’m super confused. Just a little bit ago at 12:45 am PST, I wiped from using the bathroom and there was a small bit of spotting and then the next wipe was nothing… Let me give you a slight insight on my typical period and recent events a few weeks prior: -My period typically is accompanied by some horrifically debilitating cramps from hip to hip and from front to back that causes my pain-induced nausea as well as I bleed heavily and have 0 warnings prior to my period coming in. She lasts 4 days only, hasn’t changed the length of bleeding for about 5 years, and Aunt Flo typically knocks on my door about 30 minutes to about an hour after I wake up when I use the bathroom, as I got lucky and she likes me enough to not stain all my clothes. -On the 17th, 18th, and 20th of May I had unprotected sex and wasn’t 100% TTC. We were just having some fun, as we had just decided to say ‘fuxk it’ and get together finally. The man has 0 pullout game (even though he says he does) and those were at the end of my fertile week, with the 18th being the highest prediction in my app for conceiving. -The night prior to me having the nausea, bleeding, minor cramps and the throwing up I had a single second of brown spotting when I wiped in front.. not normal for me in my 11 years of having my period… Could this be technically implantation bleeding??? It runs in my family to experience this, and my aunt told me hers lasted for 7 days when she was pregnant with my cousin who’s 11 months older than me.
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@Shelby Thanks!!! I’ll keep a timelog of today and test on the 10th since the hCG levels should be high enough by then for an accurate reading. I appreciate you taking time to read and reply!! 💕💕

I love a long read 🤓 but it’s definitely possible if it was within your fertile window. Your gut/intuition is telling you something! Implantation bleeding happens 9DPO - 14DPO too so just test 5 days after the bleeding stops for accurate results. Good luck girly!

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