Help? Just want some reassurance

I’m 24weeks pregnant. I went to the toilet and when I wiped after I had this like tinted discharge clump. I don’t think it was discharge. I ignored it and carried on but then lasted than night/morning about 3am I was laying in bed and I felt a trickle down my leg. It stopped so I went to bed. I googled it like you do and it’s made me worry. The midwife I rang said keep an eye on it but I should be fine as no blood or odours. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if I should do anything
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it’s like i wrote this myself😭. glad alls okay!x

@~Sherisse🦋 everything is all good my waters are intact thankfully

@Colby yeah the same thing happened to me, if you haven’t left out already put a pad on & see if anything leaks between now & you getting there. keep me updated, hope all is well x

@~Sherisse🦋 my midwife called me back and said call the triage and they have said go in get swabbed and see what’s going on as she thinks it could be my waters

yes i had this, i can’t remember how many weeks i was, i think i was a bit further than you but i went in to be checked & they said it was probably my mucus plug but it regenerates itself. if your unsure or worried go into triage & get checked. even if it’s nothing it’s best to go in to put your mind at ease x

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