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Hey girls, my LO is one now, but hasn't slept a full night since she's born,somenights she's just looking for bottles and some nights like tonight she's up for hours!!! we have tried absolutely everything you can think of. The only thing we haven't done is let her cry it out as I still live at home and tbh it wouldn't be fair or right to do that with everyone else having to get up in the morning! I'm literally at my wits end, it's getting to the point we're it's really affecting my mental health and the bond between myself and my partner. Please can someone give me advice. We've tried Co sleeping, extra bottles, no bottles, sleepsuits, white noise,pink noise every noise in the book & she only has one 15/20 mins max nap a day
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...we would respond to every wake-up the only thing we would wait a minute or two as sometimes it was a half cry and she went back to sleep....this was her joining sleep cycles together. We would always respond as once she woke up with a huge temp at 5 in the morning and imagine doing cry it out and missing that. It's exhausting but it will get better... every baby is different. I've noticed if you are responsive a d consistent and give yourself grace on the nights where teething or sickness is involved. It will get better. Hope some of this helps. Our little one wakes sometimes still but generally will go back herself but if not we respond by lying beside her and she goes back and can escape. She's 18 months now. So only sleeping through for 3 months now's normal for them to wake up especially the first year and for some beyond. But hopefully it improves for you.

Its definitely developmental. We co-slept with our little one and breastfed. When I night weaned she then slept through the night but this was between 14-15 months. Took about a month overall for her to fully settle but she did. Although you have already tried everything I would have suggested. I would maybe try to wean off the bottles and co-sleep on a floor mattress. Them once she's deeply sleeping then you can escape. Consistency is key. Expect more wake-ups around the leaps and teething. If you respond your little one will settle better. I know it's so tough. My little one would wake 3-4 times a night. Crying it out is worse. When I stopped the breastfeeding I had to hold her while she was crying a rock her....she cried for I'd say almost an hour. I had bad aversions due to pregnancy and it was emotionally draining as I was exhausted listening to her doing that but I was also early pregnancy. She eventually settled in my arm and I coslept with her while weaning her from the milk...

@Karen hey yeah I spoke to one, I done everything they told me to do,and still nothing 🙃

Hey Aoife have you been trying a sleep coach?

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