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My 2 month old has been prescribed aptimel pepti formula lactose intolerance. He has gone from being in alot of pain after feeding, to a comfortable smiley baby. I just wondered if anyone else whose babies were lactose intolerant had issues the amount of formula Dr's will prescribe? It's prescription only, but the amount they will prescribe barely does 6 days. At the moment we have to reorder every few days as the pharmacy never have it in stock. What does everyone else do? Does anyone know of any alternatives?
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We get a month’s worth of Neocate each time. You should be getting more per prescription. You could always speak to the health visitor to see if they can help - I had a similar issue and my HV was able to get it sorted with my GP.

My gp prescribes a month at a time. There are often issues getting prescription formula and my pharmacy like a weeks notice so ask your gp to issue a month at a time to save you ever running out

We have the same issue with the Pepti. I asked the go to prescribe us 4 tubs at a go. We get through a tub every 5 days and it’s also social ordered in so I basically just told them I would be ringing every week otherwise and they decided it’s more efficient to give us more in one go. I also go up to the boots the day after we ask for the repeat and warn them it’s coming and they will quiet often order in just in case. Made it much less of a faf getting it in and as a emergency you can always get it off Amazon

My boy is on Neocate and I think it depends on the doctor you speak to. The first doctor would only prescribe one tin at a time which was so inconvenient! The second doctor now prescribes 10 tins each time and just tells us to ring back when we run out x

Hey, aptamil pepti is for dairy allergy (please don't be confused with lactose intolerance as he'll need to be milk free when you wean) also ask to see a dietician too if you've not already been referred. You can request a GP to prescribe more, don't let them fob you off as we get 16 tins when we order his prescription, you'll go through more too the older he gets as his ozs increase so you need them to issue more now than fight them for it x

Deffo speak to GP about getting more in one go. I used to get a months supply at a time. Tbh I wouldn’t buy your own, it’s like £30 a tub 🥵

All 4 of my boys have had amino acid formulas for cmpa, and we’ve always been given a months supply at a time. My youngest currently has alfamino and we get 10 tins a month and have done since he was born. The older lot all got around 10 or 14 a month too. Was it the gp or a dietician that prescribed it? I would speak to whoever it was and ask them to prescribe more, as it’s very easy to run out and if there’s lack of stock you don’t want to be left without any and it’s expensive if you have to pay x

You could order it online I remover seeing it on pharmacy2u it’s a little pricey but I’d do that

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