Hi everyone, hope it’s ok to post. I have an 8month old. I feel like I’m doing terrible. Has anybody got tips for weaning? I’ve tried some purée and that’s fine. My nerves are gone at the thought of him choking. I’m afraid to try textures and hand held things. I know it’s terrible so pls don’t be too negative 😓I’d just I’ve to hear some tips and advice.
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Thanks everyone ❤️

I highly recommend the app/website/profile in Instagram solid start too. It gives you so much information about every food and how to serve it to the baby in a safe way according to their age. And, it's not terrible. You are feeding your baby, you are doing great ❤️

Download solid starts app shows how to cut all foods etc. it’s a great help

My little girl is 7 months and she does eat mostly purees but she now has toast with lots of butter, weetabix with some puree added is good too 😋 you know ur baby best. Go with what ur comfortable with x

Thanks so much ❤️

Firstly you are not doing terrible: food before 1 is just for fun. Go slow and you will soon build up confidence. I find Bolognese brilliant to introduce texture. Put loads of veg on and blitz, then put in mince and make sure to mix it really well. The consistency is then perfect, and no big lumps so you can relax too. If worried about choking give big lumps of food. That way the baby can only bite what they can swallow. Follow weaning.ie and solid starts on Instagram for tips. You got this

There's little babys stock cubes in dunnes and pretty much everywhere, my girl ate really really mashed potatoes with that on top for awhile that was a lil bit more textured than puree, and now she's 1 and eats absolutely everything! You'll get there mama, your not terrible!!! Your wonderful for being so concerned about him💖💖

You are not alone, I have a 7.5 month old and it’s the same with us. I’m only giving her purées so far. I’m looking for some advice too.

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