Non-denominational schools?

Hey everyone, My partner and I are atheist and looking to get a feel of what non-denominational schools are available in Dublin. I had a quick Google but wondered if anyone had any personal experience/recommendations?
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Look into the Educate Together schools. They are not based on religion and there are quite many of them around these days.

ISD, International School of Dublin

@Patricia 🇨🇱 en 🇮🇪 which one ?

Hi! My son is in an International School here in Dublin, they don’t teach any particular religion, but my experience in terms of education is excellent. Fully recommended 👌🏼

Educate together schools are generally the non religious schools available. Great experience with my two.

I'm following this... I don't need it now but I feel like in years time I will be looking for the same.

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