Anyone else partner finds any excuse not to have to look after the baby? Like they love playing with them and cuddling but actually caring like bottle feeding etc they say ‘can you do it this time because I need to go do…’ etc 😩😩😩 So annoying! I feel like I never get a proper rest
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Tell him no he has to do it it’s his kid too therefore he should be sharing parenting duties which is more than just playing and cuddling them

@Rachael don’t get me wrong he does do some but we had a routine on taking turns on the weekends and now it seems like he’s trying to do less and less I don’t even know if he realises 😩 x

Yeah men get used to being lazy you have to tell him I constantly have to tell mine it’s so annoying but you can’t do everything it’s not fair

I just do everything on my own I give up asking for help it's exhausting but I ent begging for bare minimum shit there ment to be doing for the own child x

@Toni same I mean they can beg for the sex that gets you pregnant but won’t help out 😤

Say no? If you need a break I'd just say 'no I've done the last feed so it's your turn and I really need a break'. It's just as much his baby as it is yours - I'm always surprised at how many women on here just accept a partner who isn't doing their share.

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