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Hey everyone! Now the weather is getting hot what are you all doing with your babies? My little girl is 4 months old and we were thinking of going to the park for a picnic (obviously sitting in the shade), we have the little pop up SPF 50 tent for her to sit in, or do you think it’s best to just keep them indoors? It seems such a waste of the nice weather and she loves being around the trees! First time mum though so I have no idea what’s best 🙈
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As long as she's in the shade, I don't see why it's not its a beautiful day outside

We're going to the fountain at king's cross!

Avoiding 12 - 3, doing late afternoon park visits and activities as my baby gets very distressed when too hot

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Strip down to a vest or just nappy, apply sunscreen and keep in the shade. If you have a buggy fan or something that would also be good. Make sure to keep her hydrated too.

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