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What do you guys do about the tv being on during the day and your baby being fascinated by it? Do you keep it off? Do you face your baby away? Do you let them watch? Just unsure and wondering how everyone else is with it! Thanks x
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My 3 month old is fascinated by the Simpsons ! All we do is let him watch it for a bit then do proper interaction with him . We don’t let him sit there for hours and hours . There’s no harm in a little tv. Babies are getting use to their surroundings and that’s one of them! X

I always have the TV on as I hate silence. LG doesn't really pay attention to it as we are playing/reading etc. Only time she looks at it is after a bottle and I have to keep her upright for a while (reflux), but even then it's in small bursts as I alternate between her sat on my lap and then on my legs with the recliner up facing away. She sleeps through the noise too which is handy x

We have 2 rooms downstairs so use one as a toy room. Will go in there a few times a day for a while then we can interact with her and have Alexa playing in the background. Then when she’s sleepy I’ll settle her and we go in what we use as a living room and I’ll clean or watch tv. She does like to watch tv though x

Ms Rachel I'd a great show for newborns. But I don't allow her more than q5min screen time

My LO LOVES Blippi and would gladly watch for hours if we let her. It's a nice educational show but like anything, can become addictive. We don't allow her to sit there for hours either. Maybe a few shows before or after her nap.

I sit my daughter in front on it she watches a hour of peppa pig a day no more than a hour tho

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