Signs of twins?

I tested positive a week n half ago and I was about 1-2 weeks pregnant. Im assuming Im 3 weeks now (irregular periods so cannot figure out by cycle!) Ive been getting really dark lines ever since my first test. With my son I didnt test even slightly positive until 5-6weeks. Im so ill, sore, hot, thirsty and tired Im starting to think Im having twins. What are signs of twins please? is there anyway to get a scan earlier then 12 weeks because Im freaking out 😅 TIA x
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Early pregnancy scans are definitely an option for you lovely! You can book at any private pregnancy clinics xx

@Vicky Thank you! will check it out xx

You won’t know till you get a scan. I had one at 6 weeks, on an early scan you will see the individual sacs x

Dark lines definitely don’t mean twins or I’d be housing another baby alongside my son lol.

Mine were just like this and I got a 3+ digital so was expecting maybe twins but there was only one on my early scan last week 😬

These test that say 1-2 it tells you on leaflet to add 2 weeks to do so you were 3-4 at the time

Mine was dark and I only had one

Just got to the hospital and tell them you think something is wrong they will do an inner ultrasound

I had twins and mine were actually never super dark , so I don't think there's any correlation.

@Hannah I was 3 weeks exactly when mine said 3+ 🤷🏻‍♀️

Mine line was dark at literally 1.5 weeks after ovulation, deffo only had the one 🤣

@Siobhan mine said 3+ and I was 5 weeks and 4 days

Hannah is right, you need to add 2 weeks onto what the test says. Technically at 1-2 weeks pregnant, you’re not pregnant. Weird, but that’s the way pregnancy is dated 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, dark lines don’t mean twins. Both mine showed up super dark straight away, and both times I only had 1

Yeh that’s why we thought possibility of twins but I must have had high HCG or something as I’m now 9 weeks 4 days and the scan last week confirmed dates with flo app and there only being one 😬

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