What time are people putting their child to bed?

I’m really struggling with bedtimes for our daughter (what’s new!). Currently we aim for asleep 7-7:30, but she can often not calm down until 8-8:30. We often manage to be in her room from 6:30 reading stories so she has a while to calm down. She wakes 5:30-6:30am usually (sometimes 7!) and is up 1-3 times a night. No naps.
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We aim for our 3 yr old to be in bed around 6:30/7pm. She doesn’t have any naps. We have recently changed her black out blind and she has been sleeping so much better. She sleeps till 7/7:30am with no wake ups x

Thank you. Sounds like we’ve got the bedtime about right, just wished she’d fall asleep earlier! I was wondering if it needed to be later but sounds like not!

We aim to have our 3 year old getting upstairs for her bedtime routine around 6:30. Usually it’s bath, pjs, some quiet time before bed where we’ll do something fun but quiet like colouring or a jigsaw (only just started this but seems to be helping her wind down). Then it’s into bed with stories and milk. She’s usually asleep by 7:30-8pm. She does wake up occasionally through the night but for the most part she sleeps through. And then she wakes up anywhere between 5:30 - 7am ! Sounds like you’ve got it about right for bed time! Ours is sometimes a struggle to get her to wind down but definitely feel like the quiet time is helping x

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