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In the process of trying to potty train our son. We bought a potty. He knows the phrases. My pediatrician told me to let him walk around our backyard diaperless. We did and gave him 3 fully sippy cups. .
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Told my kid if you use the bathroom in your little toilet you can have a candy. Did the trick. Started her at 6 months though... fully potty trained at 1, I continuously put her on even though she didn't have to. every hour to 30 mins.

I just had my boys naked from the waist down so they didn't have to worry about their clothes when they felt the urge. The potties were in the living room. They were super ready and basically potty trained themselves in 2 days, including poop. I'd tried a couple of times before but they just wouldn't get it so after a couple of days I'd put it away for a few weeks and try again. I wasn't actually starting our 3rd attempt when they just sorta started themselves (the potties were always out). That was back in late February. My challenge now is getting them to keep their pants on, lol

We went Sunday the a theme park and my daughter had the courage to finally go and actually pee! At of all the places. We are almost there mama!

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