3 years ago

Mastitis- Helpful tips?

I was diagnosed with Mastitis today. Worse pain I have ever experienced. Any helpful tips for relieving clogged ducts? Currently have tried warm bath and releasing milk in tub, sunflower lecithin, and Poke Root.
Mastitis- Helpful tips?

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2 months ago

Get your boyfriend/husband to suck it out, or feed the baby with them on their back, and you on your hands and knees. Sounds weird but either should work.

4 months ago

Wet cloths in the freezer on my boobs, I puMped all day and went into the hot shower and milked myself. I’d get my partner to massage one aside while I massage the other while pumping n

7 months ago

Cabbage leaves directly on your breasts. Warmest shower you can handle while massaging it out. Good luck mama💗

8 months ago

My grandma would buy me a head of cabbage lol I would tear off a few whole leaves & they cupped my breast perfectly under my nursing bra. It was amazing, so the stink was not gonna keep me from doing it (: plus then as soon as I could get an antibiotic from doc, together I would start feeling better almost immediately (: It helped to drink one heavy on the hops beer, like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Going forward I kept a timer & journal so I wouldn’t get distracted & nurse more on one side(10 min each side) & rotate sides at the beginning of each feed & spaced exactly 2 hours apart. Sometimes they had to cry & rock till that 2 hour mark. La Leche League seriously helped me.

12 months ago

Hippy advice here. Took 3 rounds of antibiotics and I still had mastitis. Found an herbalist and she had me buy a tincture called happy ducts and take the full dose. We put pure castor oil on the infected breast then a wool flannel cloth over that, wrapped it in suran wrap and put a heat pad over that. This pulled the infection out. It worked after only a few days where antibiotics had failed. She also had me stop ✋doing my daily life and STAY in BED! Bc your body needs to rest.

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