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Hey so my son is in reception and my daughter is in nursery we got our first party invite it’s in august. The little girl who’s party it is is in my sons class but has wrote the invite to both my children, my problem is I have also have a newborn and we will have my partners daughter that weekend so my stepdaughter, which this mum doesn’t even know about. I don’t know the mum to ask her if it’s okay if my stepdaughter (18 months) and newborn come too! It’s quite far away and I don’t drive only my partner so it’s not possible for one of us to take 2 and the other mind the other 2 What would you do? 😂
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Is there a phone number on the invite? You could send a text and ask

@Cheyenne I don’t it’s a class of around 50 children so I wouldn’t have a clue! Worst part is me and thier dad are split up ( my baby and stepdaughter are with current partner) and the invite went home with him then he text me about it but won’t hand the invite over

do you see her at nursery drop off etc?? i’d ask then x

@Cheyenne I don’t know who she is to ask her 🙈

i’d tell her the situation and ask if it’s okay

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