I live just North of the Twin Cities, looking for people to go do things with or just hang out.
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Oh wow that’s so cool, you’ve lived in some amazing places. I’m jelly! 😂 I haven’t visited the South West States (except for California) but they are next on our travel plans 🙌🏻 I have visiting all the National Parks on my bucket list. Oh nice! Huntsville is pretty nice and you weren’t far from me in the “shoals” lol I’ve gotta check CO out though, everyone I talk to says it’s amazing

@Ren i’m from the Huntsville/Decatur area and then we lived in muscle shoals and florence for about 4years before leaving AL

@Ren colorado is so amazing tbh!! we left when i was 19, went from AL — Cheyenne, WY (probably 10ish months)— Seattle, WA (a lil over a year)— and then two different cities in CO. been in colorado about 3.5 years (i’m 24.5now) we live about an hour north of Denver now. i loveee colorado outta anywhere we’ve lived (a bit partial also because i met the loml/baby daddy here😅) my family mom/stepdad/“lil” sister(she’s almost 19 now😭) all moved on to Vegas last november but i obviously wanted to stay with my mans

Oh no way! Every time I tell someone that they look at me like I have two heads lol. The only people I’ve met from the South so far are from Texas. I have friends that moved to CO too. We love it, the Winter wasn’t that bad. It’s hard to make friends here though, can be lonely at times. How do you like CO? Where did you live in Bama? I’ve lived in Bham, Cullman, and Jasper lol.

i am not much help (not living in Minnesota) but i’m from AL and lived there 19years and it’s always funny to me because i know many people who have went from AL->MN or vice versa, now that i’m in CO we seem to get a lotttt of people from TX in general hahaha. how are you liking it so far?

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